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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Event Attendance

Planning any event can be extremely stressful. You can try to plan the event of the century and it can still come crashing down (just ask Ja Rule). Most event planners seem to have it all covered… food, venue, invitations, drinks, entertainment, but the one thing that might seem out of a host's control is who might show up or how many people ... Read More

Why Should My Organization Host More Events?

Should you host more events? Start by asking yourself, what is the purpose of my organization or business? If you’re a business, the answer is fairly obvious…grow my business and increase profits. If you’re an organization, you may have several goals, and our list below will show you how to accomplish some of these goals by simply hosting ... Read More

How to Find Things to Do Near You

What are your go-to places, or ways to find things to do in your town? Do you crawl the events section of Facebook, hoping friends and family will share all the cool activities they are attending? Or maybe you jump online and check out the usual hot spots in Metro Detroit…the Detroit Zoo, The Henry Ford, or find out what might be coming to ... Read More

Is a Community Calendar Right for My Organization?

Do you have to advertise your events with multiple organizations across multiple sites? On average, how many websites do you post your events to? Tired of posting to all of them?  A community calendar can save your organization time, increase traffic to your website, and make your life a whole lot easier.... Read More

Six Requirements to Look For When Deciding on a Registration System

Choosing the best registration system for your organization is a tough task. There are many options, each with different attributes. We have used several of these systems over the past few years ourselves, and have spoken to organizations that have used and tested many others on the market. We have compiled a list of a few, key requirements ... Read More